The Newest Sports Expected at the 2020 Olympics

It will be a bit odd to call an event happening in 2021 ‘The 2020 Olympics,’ but everything is a bit odd right now. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced all segments of society to rearrange themselves. Part of that re-alignment involved moving the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to July 2021.

This re-scheduling has seen some sports that were to be added to the Olympics list have to wait longer. These are five sports that had initially failed to get the nod from the International Olympics Committee. However, a provision that allows the host country to propose popular sports allowed Japan to sneak in these five for the 2020 (2021) edition of the Summer Olympics.


Many people associate baseball with the USA, but the sport is just as popular in Japan. It is actually the biggest sport both in terms of participation and spectatorship. The sport known as yakyū is so popular that some Japanese are surprised to hear that Americans also identify it as their own. It has been played in Japan since 1872. Currently, there are strong baseball leagues at all levels in Japan. The sport thus had a strong case that led to its being accepted as an Olympics 2020 event.


It would be hard to imagine the Olympics happening in Japan without Karate on the list of events. The sport is one of the most popular martial arts in the country and also in the neighbouring regions, specifically China. Many people practice karate at least at an amateur level. As the Olympics strive to push viewership numbers up, this was a pretty easy inclusion.


This is a form of rock climbing that has enhanced climber protection. With bolts and anchors permanently fixed to prevent falling, the sport focuses on other aspects such as speed. There are three forms that will be included in the Olympics: Speed Climbing, Lead Climbing and Bouldering.


Japan is an island country so it is almost inevitable that water sports are popular in the area. Shikoku Island is a particularly popular spot for surfing, enhanced by its easy access and nice beaches. The Japanese themselves are lovers of a good challenge. This sport that involves scaling mighty waves will definitely be a big attraction during the 2021 games.


Another challenging sport that Japanese love. This sport combines art, skill, endurance and risk among other mental and physical challenges. It is a big sport in the country, especially among young people. Including it in the Olympics will easily lure this age-group.