Building Confidence as an Athlete

Depending on the particular sport you participate in, and the level you compete at, athletes can often be very visible within the public eye and this can have a significant impact upon an athletes self-confidence. At some of the higher levels of sports, such as professional championships, athletes can feel under immense scrutiny from the media and the wider public. If you’re an athlete and you’d like to build up your confidence, continue reading for some tips on how to build up your self-esteem.


When subject to above average levels of public scrutiny and media attention, it’s not uncommon for those who are participating in sports to have issues surrounding their body confidence. For a wide range of reasons, many of us feel as though we’re in some way inadequate and don’t look how we feel we should – add in being a figure in the public eye and you’ve got what can become a toxic combination of negative feelings about ourselves. Some female athletes may struggle with their body confidence, with the size of their breasts sometimes being amongst these self-esteem issues.

If you’re personally struggling with your body confidence as an athlete and your breasts factor into this, then getting breast augmentation with high-quality and safe implants from could be something you wish to consider. Cosmetic surgery is a growing sector, and the industry has given both men and women around the world the body they’ve always wanted and helped athletes to feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Doing what it takes to make you feel comfortable within your body and to give you the confidence you need to perform your best is important.


With issues surrounding body confidence and lacking the self-esteem needed to feel confident, our mental health can be a large factor in our emotions surrounding this and our wellbeing on the whole. It’s important that athletes don’t neglect their mental health whilst striving to always be in great physical health with active and healthy lifestyles and a good diet. Whilst physically you may be in good shape and not have any medical issues, your mental health could suffer if you don’t take the time to care for yourself and allow yourself any space to relax and destress. Sports can be a fierce and competitive area to be engaging in, so giving yourself appropriate time to breathe and focus on yourself can be helpful in preventing any mental health downturns. Do things that make you feel relaxed and avoid bottling up your emotions. If you’re not in the best mental headspace then your performance as an athlete can be impacted too, so always stay on top of this aspect of your health.